Plain Shane (Giveaway)


With the help of her new roommates, and a new special friend, Shane overcomes her shyness and finds life leading her down paths she only once imagined.

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By Dee Mann

Shane Devlin knew life sometimes sent people down roads they would normally never consider, but it had never happened to her and she was not at all surprised. Her life revolved around books — at her job in the library and at home, where she spent most of her free time reading.

With no close friends and only a worship-from-afar crush on a handsome author to fuel her fantasies, she lived quietly.

Shane long ago accepted that someone as plain and shy as she was could never shine socially and would never know true love, so she stopped trying.

But soon after her twenty-third birthday, she made the uncharacteristically bold decision to move out of the family home and share an apartment with two attractive and outgoing roommates, never imagining the decision would lead her down roads and across bridges she once only dreamed about.

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304 pages
Printed on high quality, cream-colored paper.

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